Important features of Ets classroom video library

Founded in 1947, educational testing service (ETS) is the world’s largest nonprofit assessment and educational testing association. Recently, it has launched an ets classroom video library in order to provide lesson length classroom videos to show the complete classroom which are filmed using HD cameras. Not just this, a multi directional microphone enables the observers to hear student conversation.

Undoubtedly, ets classroom video library has become a valued resource by teachers, professional development providers, teachers, institutions of higher education and administrators. Some important characteristics are here as under:

  • A video clipping tool which can be easily organized by tags allows users to create their own library clips.
  •   It has the ability to toggle between a close up of the front of classroom and a wide angle view.
  • One can simply share clips in organization amongst the users.
  • No need to install software as it has an easy online accessibility.
  •  Authentic classroom videos demonstrate an extensive range of teaching expertise.

Wish to know more? If yes, then kick start your online research process today and find the reliable online service provider that is deeply oriented around best practices and act against a theory of change. Readers! What are you thinking about? Do not miss the chance of obtaining results that you must have not even dreamt of.


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