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ETS Classroom Video: Revolutionize Your Way of Learning

Its time to get more innovative now by adapting a new way of learning which is popularly known as ETS classroom video. Encouraging you to experience the technology, this latest technique has set the benchmark in the era of education. Beneficial for both teachers and students it is the milestone which has completely modernized the conventional learning techniques.

The various features which have made this invention highly popular and widely accepted are:

• It offers unedited lesson-length videos which are being recorded in real classrooms as per grades and subjects.
• Use of hi-tech HD cameras along with multidirectional microphones to show the entire classroom clearly and to enable the viewers to hear student interactions and discussions properly.
• Imparting wide angle or dual view which helps in getting the front view of the classroom closely.
• Enables data sharing within the organization, for the purpose of discussion, mentoring or other professional development purposes.
• Offering video-clipping function so that you can create your own personal library of video clips and topics of your choice.
• Easy availability of materials like worksheets, student assessments, lesson plans etc.
• Imparting multi-dimensionality, simultaneity, immediacy, privacy and many other features.

Just feel the magic of technology now by becoming the part of it. Get started today by searching online the various services which these innovations can impart you thus making you conceptually stronger.



Class Room Video: How is it Useful

Social media has gone so muchClass Room Videoglobal these days that the conventional methods of getting education have completely changed. It has allowed anyone to become a video producer or an editor. This globalization has resulted in the explosion of high quality teaching videos which is widely known as Class Room Video.

These videos are of great help to both the students and the teachers as these are introduced as a result of putting together the best learning resources and the information stored in the heads of the great scholars. Thus, making both teacher and student to experience the high quality learning environment. These videos bring out the best tutorials and lectures for their learners which are based upon the segments delivered by famous thinkers on variety of topics.

Till now we all were following the traditional methods of learning which clearly depicted that how traditional education was based on the model of transferring knowledge from instructor to student but the introduction of such informative videos has lead to the transformation of learning making it a collaborative affair. This new learning methodology aims at making things interesting thus making you explore the intersection of instruction, multimedia and inquiry based learning and preparing the students to solve problems practically in this real world.

So on the whole it can be concluded by stating this that videos are an excellent resources which can help you out in learning things in the most high-tech and innovative way hence making you implement those learnt things practically on that very spot.