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Free Educational Tutorials for Better Learning

Internet is a great place to peruse new things. Thanks to its wide capacity that people are able to get any type of information within few clicks. There are a number of free educational tutorials available on web which is a lot beneficial for both students and teachers.Basically, these are the videos capturing the overall classroom environment. The technology behind comprises of a number of precocious equipments. There are high definition cameras that are able to monitor all movements happening in the class minutely. For audio, multi-directional microphones are connected to let you hear each and every conversation intently.

                  Class Room Video

Visualizing these footages is much easy as two views are served comprising a single screen and a split mode. So you can enjoy a closer view of the classroom actions. For tutors, this is an effective medium to optimize their teaching skills. Additionally, students would be able to gain more conveniently.

You can find any of the desired videos by selecting your grade, subject or topic etc. One of the best features is that no installation is required for running these clips. Customizing all the useful videos to a single library makes it an excellent learning tool. So friends! Start looking on different websites to enjoy such services at the comfort of your home and attain benefits from these advance study contraptions.


Making teaching innovative with ETS classroom video library

Gone are the days, when a teacher used to explain every concept on board with the help of a chalk. Now, the blackboard teaching is considered as a traditional method of imparting education because with advancement in technology, various new techniques have been introduced so that education can be imparted to students in an interesting manner.

Are you familiar with ETS classroom video library? It is nothing but different videos created on an array of subjects to assist learners as well as educators.


Certain interesting features of these types of videos:

  1. Authentic and unedited
  2. Covers a wide range of topics.
  3. Do not require installation and downloading of software rather a web browser is required to run a video.
  4. Can go through free previews before making purchase.
  5. Searchable by grade and subject.

These types of videos are filmed using high definition cameras and microphones so as to provide its user clarity in both audio and video.

However, education with the help of videos is a new concept but proved to be very advantageous and effective because lessons here are imparted using images and videos that create interest among students and they will learn more.

So, it would be a great idea to take advantage from such libraries so as to enhance your knowledge and skills.

Optimizing teaching practices with ets classroom videos

With the advancement in science and technology, it is now very easy to enhance your skills in any ETS Classroom Video of the growing fields. Here we will discuss about ETS classroom videos that are an expert tool with improved video technology to enhance teaching skills in schools.

There are a number of aspects that are involved in this process as mentioned below:

  • For capturing videos, high tech cameras are used that are connected to multi directional microphones.
  • These microphones allow you to hear every talk in detail smoothly.
  • Two previews are available, single and split screen mode to watch according to your desire.

ETS Classroom Video Library

Not only is this, There various other advantages that are provided by these videos:

  • These videos can be shared with team mates for discussions.
  • With video clipping option, it is very easy to manage and customize videos according to their categories.
  • No setup installation or download of any kind is required.
  • All videos and captures are original.
  • Beforehand previews of every capture are available.

Want to learn more? Browse a number of web portals to get a wide range of information. This range is quiet beneficial for learning teachers as it can solve many of the confusions.

Important features of Ets classroom video library

Founded in 1947, educational testing service (ETS) is the world’s largest nonprofit assessment and educational testing association. Recently, it has launched an ets classroom video library in order to provide lesson length classroom videos to show the complete classroom which are filmed using HD cameras. Not just this, a multi directional microphone enables the observers to hear student conversation.

Undoubtedly, ets classroom video library has become a valued resource by teachers, professional development providers, teachers, institutions of higher education and administrators. Some important characteristics are here as under:

  • A video clipping tool which can be easily organized by tags allows users to create their own library clips.
  •   It has the ability to toggle between a close up of the front of classroom and a wide angle view.
  • One can simply share clips in organization amongst the users.
  • No need to install software as it has an easy online accessibility.
  •  Authentic classroom videos demonstrate an extensive range of teaching expertise.

Wish to know more? If yes, then kick start your online research process today and find the reliable online service provider that is deeply oriented around best practices and act against a theory of change. Readers! What are you thinking about? Do not miss the chance of obtaining results that you must have not even dreamt of.